Thursday 26 January 2012

When mama meerkat is away…

A couple of weekends ago, the boys were left to their own devices, when Her Gorgeous Self decamped to the neighbouring kingdom to visit her siblings who are Her Majesty’s subjects.

Yes, the long anticipated first solo trip without E finally happened. HGS had finally relented and reluctantly agreed that at this point in time, her precious offspring would be well looked after by his dad for a few days. Hmmm!!

In my mind and only in my mind, this boys only weekend went something like this:

• Dawn to dusk in our comfy PJs (do they have those all-in-one baby jumpsuits for adults?)

• TV remote firmly stuck on the sports channels, volume turned up (none of that Reality TV muck or Jennifer Aniston rom-coms);

• Use the blender to produce concoctions that are probably illegal in Utah or some such place;

• Connecting electronic and entertainment gadgets that normally have no symbiotic relationship whatsoever;

• Chicken wings for breakfast and lunch, ribs for supper all downed with Kombucha;

• Toilet seat up all the time, etc, you get the drift?

In reality, the weekend with my son was one of the best I have had since he was born all those 20 months or so ago. We bonded like never before, mainly because that ‘distraction’ called mummy was nowhere in sight (and with E out of sight is truly out of mind).

As most dads do discover, its all about mummy when she is around and there is less attention on dad (in fact, I would say more like clingy in the toddler years). Of course looking at that list up there, certain things happened: the TV and subwoofer volume was loud and there were certainly less greens on the plate, certain laddish gadgets made a rare apperance, personal hygiene was somewhat parked for the weekend but we had a grand old time.

The absolute glee on E's face when we 'danced' to music, lay on the soft carpet with our feet in the air, played piggyback, played all his favourite nursery ryhmes, ate all sorts of snacks or stayed up a little bit later than usual was just priceless. This fatherhood lark is a peach!! Ahem!!!

Next challenge is to convince mummy that the boys are now ready to take that ‘boys only’ trip to Anfield or perhaps further afield to the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi or Singapore.

Now that would be one helluva a weekend!!


Becks said...

To answer your question: do they have those all-in-one baby jumpsuits for adults? I know who has them. It's called prison. You might wanna reconsider your desire to own one. Just saying.

Otherwise well done on what actually sounds like the DREAM WEEKEND (do not tell HGS I said that).

Unknown said...

And you will have a double portion of Vegetables to make up for that 'junk' weekend.