Wednesday 28 October 2009

The one with external plumbing!

And so it was revealed that the forthcoming addition to the Viriri family would have - as a dear family friend and would-be 'other mother' superbly put it - external plumbing. Now truth be told, both of us had, for some unfathomable reason, anticipated having a girl, perhaps in my case more of a feeble and perhaps inconsequential rebellion against society's perceived bias towards boys. As to prove this, most kind folks who have congratulated us seem to be doing so not merely because we’re expecting a baby, but rather that it is a BOY! Oh boy, oh boy!!!

Anyway, when we found out it was a boy we were delighted and emerged from the room semi-trance-like, looking as if we had been informed that were going to have quintuplets or . I think for us, being told the sex of the baby swiftly moved us on from wondering about some physical and miraculous manifestation setting up shop within HGS into a human being that we could now start giving names, nicknames and drawing up his CV. Up until then, the notion of a baby would have been merely an abstract one for me, albeit still very exciting and much anticipated, of course.

As we were heading home, an hour or so later, flights of fancy began taking hold, and there I was already charting his career path (as his future manager and agent, of course) either plays rugby for Ireland or captaining Liverpool, of course. Or as the whiz kid who invents the next Google, ipod or the rocket to Venus. Or when he should start dating, when I will have the birds and bees talk with him (Good grief, parental euphemisms already?). As you do!

And so our new journey continues...