Monday 7 March 2011

Happy Birthday Son!

We knew life would never be same again, but we honestly did not fathom how much you would totally overhaul and enrich our lives and add a new purpose to our very existence.
The past 12 months with you in our lives have taken us on an incredible journey. Of course, it is only but the beginning.
You have reminded us that we have this limitless and boundless capacity for love (for you, each other), that patience is indeed a virtue (especially for your ol’ dad here), that positivity can take you a long way. I could go on.
You have invigorated your parents’ relationship in so many ways. Ahem, not that it was ever ailing, of course.
Of course, on your first birthday, we should take stock and acknowledge that there have been challenges in these past 364 days. There were moments of doubt when we were unsure we were doing right by you and whether our boundless love for you would simply be enough.
We may have initially differed in our approach as parents, espcially on how to get you through those critical early days and weeks, but even if we say so ourselves, we are happy with how you are turning out.
So as you start your second year, we want you to know that we love and cherish you more than your cute little self can even imagine and we want you to know that we will always be there for you in every way you can think.

It’s the least we can do, in return to what you are giving us. 
I came across this in cyberspace and thought you might appreciate it (well, when you can read, of course – which I hope is soon. No pressure!)
A year ago, we welcomed Ethan
A baby of our own.
Nervously and sleepily,
We took him to our home.
We figured out the nursing.
This goes how? and where?
We were told there would be crying,
And how to show we care.
A year has gone so quickly,
Yet we have learned so much.
We've felt a love so strongly,
In a baby's gentle touch.
His laughs and smiles. His pouts and tears.
Wow! He can get so mad!
But we wouldn't trade a minute,
As a thankful mom and dad.