Wednesday 10 September 2008

Key points of the historic Zimbabwe power sharing deal between Zanu PF and the MDC factions

  • President Robert Mugabe with two deputies from Zanu PF;
  • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with two deputies from MDC-M and MDC-T;
  • Mugabe, as head of state and government, to chair cabinet of 31 ministers;
  • Tsvangirai to preside over a council of ministers, supervises ministers, formulates and implements policies, sits in National Security Council (JOC) and heads government business in parliament;
  • Zanu PF to have 15 ministers and eight deputy ministers, Tsvangirai’s MDC faction 13 ministers and six deputy ministers and the Arthur Mutambara faction three ministers and 1 deputy minister;
  • Provincial governors to be shared among the three parties;
  • If an elected representative (MPs and Senators) dies or is recalled by their party 12 months from the day of signing, none of the other parties to the deal will contest the by-election;
  • The "inclusive government" will remain in power for a maximum five years. A review of the power-sharing deal will take place in 18 months, and every year thereafter;
  • New constitution after 18 months;
  • Constitutional Amendment No 19 to be passed to facilitate implementation of the agreement.

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