Monday 3 November 2008

All Hail to the Chief

Financial and economic turmoil at home and abroad, a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan (and Pakistan), unstable Iraq, recalcitrant Iran, Palestinian grievances, Darfur genocide, Congolese strife, climate change, steadily increasing Chinese hegemony and the Mugabe nuisance (I wish!). Yes, the Obama administration will be one of the most eventful ever, if not the most challenging of them all. Indeed his first 100 days will probably the most closely watched and followed not just at home but all around the world. What a time it is to be the first black president of the world's sole superpower. Of course, I rather suspect that if he had the cojones and guts to take this arduous path, Barack Obama will probably relish the opportunity to prove himself as a capable and inspiring leader. I reckon if he surrounds himself with the right brains trust, his administration will assuredly tackle the myriad of challenges facing the United States and the rest of the world. Of course, campaign slogans and rhetoric melt way into oblivion when the real task is at hand and many presidents have had to alter course when in the Oval Office. However, no matter how dire the domestic and global outlook maybe, President-elect Obama already has something in his favour - he succeeds the 43rd president George W Bush. Need I write more!

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