Tuesday 14 August 2012

Out of the mouth of babes!

Did s/he just say that?

How may times have you been regaled about the early verbal adventures and the profound statements made by their 2 or 3 year old and you thought, hmmm surely mummy or daddy are embellishing a bit there? 

Anyway, I can assure you, seeing as that time is upon with our 2 year-old. Perhaps jolted into action by the early arrival of his brother, E has started making some of those unexpected and mostly smile inducing pronouncements and observations.

For instance, the other day, as he was walking through a mall with mummy, he randomly called a total stranger Chad. There was no doubt as he actually pointed at this 'Chad'. Glad to say the man took it in good humour and found it amusing! 

We certainly do not know any Chad and in fact have rarely ever come across the name here in Ireland. 

We figured that the only other place he could have come across this name was in creche, where perhaps there's a delivery or handy man called Chad (all staff in his creche are female). If this was a just random name he picked up, we are none the wiser why he went for Chad instead of the locally ubiquitous Sean, Patrick or Conor, etc?

Perhaps a perfectly plausible explanation is that he's been secretly watching those American soaps or reality TV shows in which Chads are a dime a dozen!

And then a couple of days ago, he asked mum again (I see pattern developing here): "Are we going on holidays?" Momentarily stumped as to where this was coming from, mummy thought of answer, but before she could answer, the follow up question was: "Where is holidays?"

Good follow up question, son! Wish I knew too!!

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